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Information Technology Compliance

Information Technology encompasses Information Security, Cybersecurity, and everything in between.  It includes, for example:

  • A host of Risk Assessments, such as IT, Cybersecurity, Social Media, and Mobile Device RAs
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
  • End-of-Life Policies, Procedures, and Processes
  • Access Controls
  • H/W and S/W inventory procedures and processes
  • H/W and Data destruction policies and procedures
  • IT Steering Committee for IT, acquisition, and budgeting
  • ISO annual reporting
  • Website Management
  • Social Media and Password procedures and processes

and much, much, more !  Information Technology has become an essential part of Operations, especially given the prevalence of electronic data storage, electronic transactions, and access to third party applications, including core processors, through the cloud.

GLB Solutions

Information Technology Cybersecurity

Financial Institutions are required to have Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures and Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.  Some additional Cybersecurity requirements:

  • Patch Management policies and procedures and tracking
  • Password protection processes
  • Data encryption processes
  • IT Security Review and Reporting
  • Backup and Recovery Planning

Cybersecurity is a subset of Information Security, addressing Electronic Data security and security within cyberspace.  It has become an integral and important part of Information Security and is the subject of much scrutiny during Regulatory Examinations.

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