Enforcement Actions

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Enforcement Actions: Regulatory Compliance

An informal enforcement action - generally, a Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU - is issued when there are one or more moderate weaknesses which need to be addressed.  A formal enforcement action - generally, a Consent Order, or CD - is issued when there are weaknesses that have deteriorated to the point of requiring formal corrective action.

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Enforcement Actions: Remediation and Reporting

An MOU or CD generally lists a number of deficiencies and directs in detail what must be done to correct each such deficiencies.

Required corrective action generally includes, for example,                     (i)  development of/amendment to policies and procedures;                 (ii) establishment of proper reporting and supervisory oversight, and   (iii) corrective action with respect to processes that do not meet regulatory requirements.

Progress Reports are always required, on a quarterly basis, where the progress with addressing and remediating deficiencies is tracked and reported to regulatory agencies.

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We have considerable experience in remediating enforcement actions, and have been able to achieve enforcement actions terminated for several banks, with some being terminated just one year after issuance, at the next regulatory examination.

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