Community Reinvestment Act

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Community Reinvestment Act Compliance

Community Reinvestment Act compliance is reviewed in a separate Regulatory Examination.  A CRA Exam results in one of the following ratings:

  • Outstanding
  • Satisfactory
  • Needs to Improve
  • Substantial Noncompliance

A "Needs to Improve" or "Substantial Noncompliance" rating can have significant negative consequences, including prohibitions on (i) opening new branches;  (ii) mergers; and (iii) acquisitions.  Such prohibitions remain in place until  CRA compliance is determined to have improved.

GLB Solutions

Ensure CRA Compliance Proactively

Do not leave your institution's CRA compliance to chance !  Our services include:

  • Review of your current program
  • Lending Test Analyses
  • Investments Analyses
  • Community Services Analyses

Your institution's size determines the applicable CRA tests.  We analyze your program and will advise you on needed improvements to ensure CRA compliance.

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Why Us For CRA Compliance ?

We will be brutally honest with you as to what you need to do to attain CRA compliance.  We give you options - usually a variable mix of lending solutions, investments, and community development services, along with policies, procedures, and review processes, to show that your CRA program has been well thought out and executed !

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