Compliance & Audit

Ensuring That Your Business Meets Regulatory Standards

Our compliance and Audit Services include the following:

  • Development of the CMS, Compliance Program, and Compliance Monitoring Schedule
  • Compliance Monitoring Reviews and Reporting
  • Full Internal Audit Service and Reporting
  • Audit Finding Tracking and Remediation Review

Audit Services Protecting Against Non-Compliance

Audit is the final line of defense in ensuring compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements.  The audit function can exist in-house, or can be effectively outsourced to a third-party provider, in accordance with regulatory guidance detailing such outsourcing.  Performing the audit function requires attention, detail, and knowledge of all institution operational areas and all of the requirements for those areas.  The Audit Function begins with the Risk Assessment, continues with audits, reports, and workpapers, and continues to Audit Reporting and Tracking and Remediation of Audit findings.

Why Us For CRA Compliance ?

We will be brutally honest with you as to what you need to do to attain CRA compliance.  We give you options - usually a variable mix of lending solutions, investments, and community development services, along with policies, procedures, and review processes, to show that your CRA program has been well thought out and executed !

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